Our Stories

Our Stories

Our Stories

These are personal stories written by members of Lutheran Church of Peace.

Being part of a Lutheran faith family has been a vital part of my entire life. Whether it was part of my small congregation growing up in eastern Iowa where it seemed like I was related to half of the people in church (maybe it was only 1/4 to 1/3 after we had new people move in but it was still a lot), at Beta Sigma Psi Lutheran Fraternity in college where I developed life long Brothers in Christ, moving to California where my new church family helped me get settled, or moving to Maplewood where my church family actually helped me move. Throughout all of these travels a faith family has been one of the constants that has helped to shape me.

LCP has become like a family to me here in Maplewood. As part of this family I feel like I am always accepted for who I am whether that be coming in to church a few minutes late or making a joyful noise during Christmas caroling I always feel that I am welcomed for who I am. I look forward to raising children of my own as part of the LCP faith family.


When Bill, the girls and I moved to Woodbury, we visited a few different churches before joining LCP. One of the reasons we joined was the energy that we saw for the youth. The other reason was the welcoming and family feeling that is felt throughout LCP.

So what keeps us coming back? Especially now that we live in St. Paul. We have built a family here. Family supports each other through the bad times and has fun together in the good times. This is what LCP is and why my husband and I drive by numerous Lutheran churches on our way to LCP.


We moved to this area when my kids were ages 1, 3, 6 and 8. There was a big church down the road which seemed like a great choice at first. But after a few months attending worship, we realized it wasn’t a match for our family.

We wanted to worship in a place that felt accepting; we didn’t want to worry about seeming like we were “good enough.”

LCP was the congregation we found to be our new church home. It had a casual atmosphere that let us relax and not worry about being judged. It felt warm and friendly. It was small enough for us to be known and recognized and welcomed. It was a church where we could hear good sermons on Sunday and where our children could grow up surrounded by kind people who wanted them to know about God’s love for them.

In the years since then, we’ve moved through the stages of diaper bags and coloring books and robot toys in the pews … to sermon notes during confirmation and youth group mission trips and emotional support when high school romances have ended.

The people and pastors of LCP have been a source of friendship, fellowship, support, and encouragement. Our family is grateful for what that’s meant for us, in all these years of growing up, and growing in faith, together.


We found LCP from the LCP Preschool, when we suddenly realized we didn’t want our kids to grow up without any kind of church experience.

Truth is, there was not a service during Sunday School, so I’d drop the kids off for Sunday School class and wait in the parking lot with a cup of coffee and the newspaper until they were done.

When my oldest daughter started confirmation we started to attend Sunday services. We started to get to know people, and started to form friendships with other parents in the congregation. We got back in the routine of coming to church on Sunday mornings. Both of my girls have become active in the youth events.

Fellowship and worship are part of our life again. We’re an LCP family.