Lutheran Church of Peace has partnered with the St. Paul Area Synod and the Iringa Diocese of the Lutheran Church of Tanzania.  Specifically, we have partnered with the Kising’a Parish in Tanzania.  We have supported our Tanzanian partners through helping construct their church building, providing a motor bike for their Pastor, and financing student scholarships over the years.

A group of 13 LCP members visited Kising’a Parish for the first time in 2007.  Kising’a is a village of about 5,000 people spread over a large area of rolling mountains.  It was wonderful to spend several days there staying with Pastor Wihale and his family.  The family had cleared out of their home to make room for us and the doors were freshly painted with room numbers, making the house the finest hotel in Kising’a.  We shared meals and learned about each others’ lives and culture.  Kising’a is just south of the equator, but it is never too hot there because above 6,000 feet the weather is always comfortable.

A group of 9 LCP members traveled to Kising’a again in 2009.  This group included several of the original members who first traveled there in 2007.

Two members of LCP, Dan and Sue McIntyre, have made many more trips to Tanzania, including two 6 month stays to teach at Tumaini University.

Pastor Wihale and Evangelist Yoram Chusi visited Lutheran Church of Peace for 10 days in 2015.  We enjoyed taking them to the Minnesota State Fair and hosting them in our homes.  Pastor Wihale preached a sermon on love in English, a language he has taught himself since we began our partnership.

Our partnership has taught us what it means to be Christian and opened our eyes to life in other countries.  We hope we bring some of the marvelous spirit that we encounter in Tanzania back with us.