For quite a few years now, the mission statement we’ve used at Lutheran Church of Peace is this:

“We are called by Christ to worship, serve, and share God’s peace.”

“share God’s peace” – that simple, three word phrase is a pretty good replacement for the very church-y word of Evangelism.

Christian people know that God loves us all … and that God loves you!

We believe that Christ suffered and died on a cross over 2,000 years ago because of his great love for us, and his compassion for our inability to overcome our human flaws and failings. We know that we were created in God’s image, each with unique abilities and talents, and that we’re called to use those gifts in ways that reflect a bit of God’s love and peace into this world.

That’s a good message to share with each other, right? That’s a good message to share especially with those who are hurting, suffering, lonely, fearful, or discouraged, right? Maybe it’s a good message for you, and every one of us, to be reminded of right now….

Since we all have different gifts, we all “do evangelism” in our own personal ways.

At LCP, one of our longstanding evangelism efforts has been the “Peace Awards” that we give to students at Carver Elementary School at the end of the year. We support local food shelf networks, and created our own “backpack program” as well, for nearby students who are going hungry. Our community events, like the Block Party in years past, and our Summer Fun 2017 events this year, are designed to add some moments of friendship and joy into the lives of everyone who chooses to participate.

Is sponsoring a bonfire sing-a-long evangelism?
Is cooking up a big batch of world-famous cowboy beans and free hot dogs evangelism?
Is designing a bunch of jumbo-sized family-friendly goofy games for all our neighbors to play together evangelism?

We think so. If any of those activities remind someone like you that there’s a God who loves you PERSONALLY, then we know we’re succeeding at least a little bit in our call to be evangelists, and share God’s peace.

Is there something else we can do to support your faith, or answer your questions about God’s love for you as an individual? Please let us know! We are a humble congregation, but we try to use our gifts in ways that can make a difference in the lives of others.