Worship & Music

Worship & Music

Worship Times at LCP

Fall & Winter Schedule 2017-2018
9:00am – Education time for children, youth and adults
10:00am – Worship service with communion

Worship at Lutheran Church of Peace

What happens during a worship service at Lutheran Church of Peace? Well, on the surface – we sing songs, we listen to Bible readings, we have a sermon, etc. But what really happens at a worship service at LCP?

The short answer is that God keeps coming to us with that word of promise, that word of forgiveness, that word of reassurance that we are granted forgiveness of sins (past), the strength to live in the here and now despite whatever circumstances we may be currently facing (present), and the promise of life everlasting (future). We get that Word during our worship service. Repeatedly. Our service will have an “absolution”, where the pastor declares, “On account of Christ, I forgive you all your sins.” If you missed hearing the Good News then, we will read from Scripture. If you fell asleep during the readings, the preacher will deliver a sermon where you are once again given the promise. Miss it then, too? No worries, we have communion at every service so that you can actually feel, taste and swallow the promise. Weren’t paying attention then? Well, we’ll sing about it too throughout the service.

That, in short, is what worship at LCP is all about. It is about hearing and receiving the Good News, because we so so need it. As for style – we have a blended service of traditional hymns and contemporary songs. You’ll hear piano, guitars, organ, and voices. Please join us every Sunday for Education at 9:00 am and the Worship Service at 10:00 am!